Mission and vision

PROFILE Where does Theater Gajes perform? 3 PILLARS Theater Gajes’ core activity is the outdoor theatre performances by which they criss-cross Europe. In addition to these, there are also the once-off performances or as they are also called the customised shows and educational projects. The shows are always performed outdoors or at a special location. Theater Gajes transforms these everyday surroundings into the perfect theatre for a while. Our shows and performances attract a wide and varied public.


SHOW STYLE The group creates shows and performances that respond to society or that relates the context and a story. We make use of live music, physical performances, text, equipment, visual objects and effects to bring our shows to life.


The audience is literally in and amongst the performance area. There is no first row, nobody is at the front. The audience is ringed by the decor and has to move aside for moving objects and actors that criss-cross through the crowd. This interaction ensures that the masses – like in a choreography – are continuously in motion. Performers in their turn can be enjoyed up close and from a distance. The separation between audience and performance area has been removed.


An extra dimension is added because the audience is literally, smack bang in the middle of the performance. The theatrical reality takes place above their heads, this is accomplished using large moving objects and stilts. The performers hover at height, as it were, above the heads of the audience and create a different reality. The effort and equipment necessary for this is visible at street level. The audience finds itself, as it were, behind the scenes. This duality gives them a choice. They can immerse themselves in the story at imaginary level and at the same time take in the efforts needed for this at the actual level. In addition to all of this, live music contributes greatly to the rhythm and the dynamics of the performance. The musicians, as performers, are an integral part of the story.


WHAT IS OUR AIM? High level outdoor theatre. Theater Gajes links spectacle to a good story, raw images to poetry and musicality to noise. They take the audience along with them in their creative world. Theater Gajes: where performance meets audience!


We want to be one of the advocates of outdoor theatre in the Netherlands. Theater Gajes guarantees outdoor theatre at an artistic, responsible level. Created by professional on all fronts. Outdoor theatre with a story or a message, outdoor theatre that consciously communicates with its audience with as aim; opening new doors and realities for that audience.


Our mission is to improve the quality of outdoor theatre in general and that of our own group in particular. As creators of shows, we want to constantly reassess ourselves and in this way ensure that we continue to renew our signature time and again.