Maartje Keijzer
Artistic and business director (1983)

+31 6 13075246


Gajes is: "Creating beautiful theater together."

Gajes since 2010

Norbert Busschers
Founder (1958)

Gajes was: "Everyday use all my creativity to give every production even more impact.”

Gajes since 1993 untill 2019

Joyce van Esch
Actor (1959)

Gajes is " A creative, enthusiastic ,hard-working theater group that makes wonderful performances by their concern for and with each other."

Gajes since 2003

Maarten van den Berg
Actor (1956)

Gajes is "Besides Kladderadatsch my only good addiction."

Gajes since 1993

Nard Verdonschot
Actor (1978)

Gajes is "being on adventure. "

Gajes since 2012

Nynke Borgman
Actor (1979)

Gajes is " High quality spectacular theater in public space . "

Gajes since 2006

Luka Kooijmans
Actor (1990)

Gajes is "Quirky theater made ​​and played with many great love. "

Gajes since 2015

Bas Flier
Musician (1970)

Gajes is "a music, video and theater playground for grown-ups . "

Gajes since 2011

Fleur Dikken
Musician (1983)

Gajes is " A creative motley crew in a borderless world. "

Gajes since 2009

Marjet Spook
Musician (1982)

Gajes is "adventure, hard work with great people, wonderful performances for large and small audiences. "

Gajes since 2009

Valentijn van der Mieden
light and sound technician (1971)

+31 6 14982583


Gajes is "a journey together. "

Gajes since 2004

Roderik Sommerdijk
employee projects (1966)

Gajes is " A celebration of creative minds together making something beautiful. "

Gajes since 1993

Tessa Verbei
Designer of decor and costume (1983)

Gajes is "a sanctuary without borders."

Gajes since 2011

Guido de Wijs
Actor (1984)

Gajes is "a nice group scum, full of creativity and musicality, which together make beautiful and spectacular theater. "

Gajes since 2013

Sieger Baljon

Gajes since 2014

Britt Verstegen

Gajes since 2014

Douwe Hibma
Designer and constructor of decor (1977)

Gajes is " a fine place for wild plans . "

Gajes since 2008

Sophie Simenel
Production manager (1982)

Gajes is " Coming home to an adventurous, theatrical and warm family making ambitious show with hard working people who independently and can radiate optimally with each other. "

Gajes since 2015

Gerran Kroes
light and sound technician (1983)

Gajes is "always a party that seems more like a holiday than working. "

Gajes since 2011

Arjen Dijkstra
Musician, actor (1971)

Gajes is  “one big adventure.”

Gajes since 2015

Juul Beerda
Musician (1970)

Gajes is " An excellent artistic club with actors and musicians of high level, driven by a great team with a passion for theater. "

Gajes since 2010

Toon Kuijpers
Actor (1983)

Gajes is "Fun at high level. "

Gajes since 2014

Gerida van Gerrevink
Volunteer ( 1964)

Gajes is "like family. YI feel a huge connection."

Gajes since 2006

Raoul Copier
Actor ( 1979)

Gajes is "a foundation in my life."

Gajes since 2010

Daisy van Belzen
Actor (1984)

Gajes is " A fantastic, energetic and magical theater ensemble with great synergy with their audience and crazy colleagues that are also are very good at their job . "

Gajes since 2014

Dorus van der Meer
Actor (1975)

Gajes is "nice performances play with a great team."

Gajes since 2007

Arjan Bouw
Actor (1972)

Gajes is " Making the impossible possible by going all together . "

Gajes since 2008