When Thomas met Julie [ARCHIEF]

> Duration: 30 minutes > 2 to 3 x daily performances possible > Max. Audience of 500 > Performance area of 15 x 15 metres > All necessary equipment included

When Thomas met Julie is a bizarre romantic comedy on stilts. Theater Gajes’ blundering love story shows the audience that happiness is a state of mind. Thomas is the clumsy owner of a sauna complex. When the French vision of beauty Julie pays a visit to it one day, he immediately falls for her. Not everything goes to plan in his attempts to win her affection and the sanitary facilities do not appear to be helping matters either. Is Thomas good enough for her? And will the elegant Julie fall for the clumsy escapades of Thomas?


When Thomas met Julie is a musical and humorous street theatre production, which puts the audience smack bang in the middle of the bizarre world of Thomas. Characters on stilts in exorbitant costumes and the one sanitary incident following the other ensure the performance is an adventure for both young and old.