> SOCIALICIRCUS > an outdoor theatre show

Welcome at SOCIALICIRCUS, a Covid-proof performance that plays in the open air, about the need for physical contact! At this vagarious “Carnivale-like’ terrain, the audience meets a troupe of abnormal circus artists. People who are in search of human touch, emotional proximity, and a safe way to have physical contact.

SOCIALICIRCUS is re-socialising the audience, highlighting the importance of physical contact. They see and experience someone else’s touch again and learn what it does with a person when this touch is missing for a long time. All 5 solo performances have a different approach to the theme. The characters are damaged in their own way by the absence of interaction. In the grand finale they come together and is the healing power of physical contact displayed.

SOCIALICIRCUS is a Covid-proof, open air performance. The playground contains 5 small stages for 5 one man shows of 5 minutes. A van as stage for a scientist, a caravan for a clown, a bar for a cancan dancer, a cage for a medium and a boxing ring for a strong man. The audience will complete a course through the playground to see 3 of them. The performance will end with a scene involving all 5 actors for all spectators staged in the middle of the playground.