Theater Gajes moves and connects ! And all the news about the movement and connection can be found here .

OMG! The storm of Odyssey!

The Making of Odyssee Episode 2

Yes! Watch the second episode of the making of our Odyssee. Meet Maartje Keijzer and Jeroen Kriek.

Odyssee The Making of: Episode 1

Drum roll! As you know, we started to develop our new large square show Odyssey. And you can experience that creative process, because … Today is the release of the first episode of ‚The Odyssey: The making of „. Meet Norbert Busschers and Maartje Keijzer and our actors and musicians. Stay tuned. Next month the second episode.

Agora Phobia at La Strada: thank you!

Last thursday, 9th of june, we played Agora Phobia at La Strada in Bremen. They made such a nice registration of our performance. Thank you, La Strada, and your/our audience!