Parasolo (archive)

Friendship, loneliness and life questions in a miniature world > Duration: 40 minutes > 2 to 3 x daily performances possible > Variable walking route > All necessary equipment included

A lesson in conviviality with the small tea lady, become friends with Johnny the cocktail shaker or reflect on life with the unconventional life artist. This very interactive walking performance of Theater Gajes brings hospitality and conviviality with a raw edge.


Three portraits of people who are driven from loneliness unfold in the show Parasolo. They take a world of hospitality and conviviality along with them, realise special encounters, celebrate with the audience or begin an in-depth conversation. Friendship, loneliness and life questions in a miniature world: Parasolo.


These spectacularly designed parasols offer shelter and shade. With surprising effects for each type of weather. The design of the parasols and the costumes are adapted to the weather conditions of the day. For warm and hot days, the parasols offer shade and cooling using ventilators and water sprinklers. While on rainy or cold days, the audience can find shelter under the parasols and they can keep warm. The parasols are fitted with magnificent lighting and because of this can be used both during the day as well as in the evening in summer and winter.