> Duration: 60 minutes > 1 x in the evening > Max. audience of 3.000 > Performance area 35 x 35 metres > All necessary equipment included

“Sing to me, Muse, of the man of thousand ways, Odysseus. Who was driven far journeys and many pains he suffered at sea and in his heart. Struggling for his own life and for his homecoming.”


Theater Gajes is champing at the bit to cross new borders with this new spectacular outdoor theatre show and bring its already high artistic performances to new levels. Theater Gajes offers high level outdoors theatre. The amazing, spectacular and poetic square shows are performed right in amongst an audience of about 3.000. Through the use of large moving objects and actors on stilts, a story unfolds above the heads of the audience.


The story relates the adventure of Odysseus, who, while attempting to sail home after the war in Troy, becomes lost at sea. Odysseus, a man of strength and ruses is longing for the love, the beauty, warmth and peacefulness of his wife and country. To get there, he must face monsters, resist temptations, reassess his desires and be ignorant in the underworld. Crew members are killed and his ship is damaged time and again during his long voyage. However, with the aid of his guide Athena, he survives the destructive forces of Poseidon and returns home in nothing but rags but much the wiser. When Odysseus arrives home, the audience get to experience that feeling of coming home.